Time Traveler
Time Traveler This cd contains songs i always wanted to record, some songs were on the shelf for like 10 years ! After some remastering i really thought i still could use them for this cd. As the name reveals already it’s a journey through time, the earliest songs are recorded in 2009 or 2010 on 16 tracks Analog recording but remastered digitally. Unlike my previous cd(s) which were really Blues/rock Orientated, the Ballads on this cd are more present than ever ! Still lots enough guitar fireworks :) Some songs were recorded on the Korg XD3200 32 track digital recorder, but most of the songs were recorded with the Mixcraft software. Time Traveler contains Songs by Bob Dylan-Bruce Springsteen-Southside Johnny-Warren Zevon-Eric Clapton-Gary Moore-John Hiat/Ry Cooder-Grand funk Railroad-Jon Bon Jovi-Bob Seger-Rodney Crowell-Jack Nietzsche/Sonny Bono and 2 originals by my hand ! I really enjoyed working on this Time project which now finally sees the light !
Released 2019

Album tracks